An Introduction to Comadre Economies:

Comadre Economies is a project originating at Southwest Worker’s Union in 2016 in collaboration with Trabajadoras del Hogar En Accion - Domestic Workers in Action Union while discussing the history of women exploring and creating their own financial systems to sustain themselves and their communities. These financial models were often created out of a trust between individuals or groups such as a family, partners, cooperatives or close friends. We know this term in spanish speaking circles as a “comadre.” Trust between comadres challenges the larger systems of patriarchy and capitalism that have often left women and LGBTQAI+ persons in the margins to survive solely by the means of their own ingenuity. Historically many women and queer persons around the world have been integral pieces of market culture, and have helped build up villages and towns with their crafts, textiles and produce among other goods such as services.


Comadre and Feminist Economies:

·       Support women, BIPOC, and LGBTQAI+ creators

·       Challenge patriarchy and capitalist consumerism

·       Maintain economic resistance

·       Recognize Indigenous origins of artisan mercados

·       Lift up communities that have been marginalized

·       Fund empowerment and financial independence

·       Sustain community trust and mutual care

·       Encourage a barter economy

·       Dream of love and corazón over profits/exploitation